5 Reasons to love the Vinyl/PVC trend

  1. Its SO 90’s. Finally if you’re like me and a 90s baby you get to wear all the amazing things we saw Kate Moss/Naomi Campbell/The Spice Girls/Destinys child etc wearing whilst we were stuck in boring “age appropriate” outfits. Blergh pass the PVC.

2. Dominatrix fetish wear connotations (amazing).

3. You can channel your inner Buffy Summers. She’s a super strong demon fighting trendy af woman, which is the everyday vibe I aspire to portray.

4. It obviously looks so good, feels nice but unlike other coats people may also hear you coming and sometimes sadly smell you, latex smells rough. (I am happy to confirm however luckily, this one is smell free)

5. I love the PVC trend which is clear on my Instagram outfits!. I’m drawn to textures and bold wearable pieces and this trend catches my eye every time.

It can be dressed up or down and mixed with almost anything in your wardrobe. My current favourite is a shiny PVC piece paired with a chunky soft knit.

My PVC Trenchhttp://rstyle.me/cz-n/ctek8fcc36p

And here’s some others on my Wishlist:

A dark red one –

Super shiny –

This one has white contrast stitching and the lapels are AMAZING (it’s my favourite and I want it, is 2 vinyl coats excessive??!) –

Short with a faux trim this one has been in my saved items forever –

Red vinyl from my dreams –

Another short one the shape is unreal and it’s part of a co-ord

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