Fashion ‘Instagramming?’ 11 months on

Ok confession/why I’m writing this: After the new app Vero ‘to rival instagram’ popped onto my feeds this week, I thought this might be cool as I take so many pics it would be nice to share more. (Not all can make it to IG) But after using it and reading about it, it seems like Vero is trash..

But I still want to share some pics, so here I am.

About 11 months ago I decided to commit to Instagram more as a hobby. I already had been posting outfits and fashion bits since 2014 and had a healthy following of 3k. I loved posting and sharing fashion things but felt embarrassed/nervous about getting someone to take pictures of me. I felt much more comfortable taking selfies alone in the safety of H&M changing room.

So I asked my mum and we took photos including this one below on the 28th March 2017. (side note: my mum has always been so supportive and encouraging about it when I really need it, I owe a lot to her. And she’s definitely my no.1 fan on IG!)

(Found a chipboard wall up my road, Neon Rose top, bershka trousers, Missguided teddy coat and my dior saddle bag!)

Since taking these pics I think I sort of ripped the plaster off? And decided my embarrassment wasn’t an excuse for doing something that makes me feel happy & creative. Since taking my insta hobby seriously (because its still my hobby not my job, I do some paid outfit posts which is fun. But my job is something else but fashion related) its given me some amazing oppourtunities and has been so worth it.

(Very excited about a 7up in this pic, taken in B&M)

Its an outlet for my creativity and a way I’ve met new friends (which was so important to me, I am self employed which can be super lonely and I went through a stage struggling with it and think this has somehow helped)

Fish and chippy. Love this pic, that lighting! In the shadow you can see my mum taking the pic, this was such a fab day. Plus fish and chips remind me of my Nana. Sad this didn’t make it to insta….maybe I should just post it.

I really love clothes (I think thats obvious), but I also love styling and thinking of ideas for backdrops etc. Creating/directing an image as a whole. Not only that but I’m an aspiring fashion designer and its such a great platform to connect with fashion engaged people to show my designs to.

(The classic, ‘please can I have a look at the pics’ pose. Also a creepy man was staring. Nasty Gal Coat

Basically what I’m saying is if theres something you want to do, go for it.

Start that fashion blog, or beauty blog. Keep going with Instagram. Take the class (one of my best friends not long started poll dancing and the poses she can hold now are actually incredible!) Side note: I wanna join a life drawing class.

Polaroid selfie taken about a year ago 🙂

Anyway onto the pics. I hope you like them! Let me know if you do, also let me know if theres anything you’d like me to write about. DM me on insta @amyfuchsia If not its ok, I’m still going to use my blog for just storing more outfit pics!!

Thank you for scrolling 🙂


Selfie taken last August in Spain, writing this with snow outside I’ve forgotten what its like to not be wearing 4 layers and a hot water bottle. Similar sunglasses. Similar earrings both were Weekday. 

This one made it to Instagram, I just really liked it. Taken in December 2017, looking for fabrics for my designs for , the garments are all going to be made and finished soon ready for release. Eek!

Wearing Native Youth Puffer, H&M vinyl trousers

We make a cute couple.

Dec2017. First fabric I bought for my SS18 collection. I was going to write a spoiler about the collection but best not….

Last years snow 

Ickworth house Jan 2018. This was a fab day spent with the boyf. Really loved these pics, they died a horrible death on instagram though. But I still like them. 

SaTuRdAy NiGhT

LOVE this pic. Accidentally blurry and so dream like / post apocalyptic  Fitting considering my jumper.

Felt too risky for insta but I love this outfit pic.

My favourite outfit of LFW and 2018 I think. My second fashion week I was lucky enough to attend some shows and chill with friends. Met some very nice fashion blogger faces too. 


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