Berlin 18/04/18-19/04/18

Me and my friend Jess spent one night and two days in Berlin for an absolute bargain. I’ve been asked about my recommendations so I’m just going to throw up our pictures and what we did real quick! (And we did a lot).

Flights £24 return pp

Hotel £27 each (£54 total) for one night.

  • Drank beer
  • Stayed at the Energie Hotel Berlin
  • Reichstagg building
  • Brandenburg gate
  • Berlin Cathedral
  • Drank more beer
  • Got the wrong S / U Bahn trains
  • Walked the river
  • Buses
  • Monkey Bar
  • Had some random Vietnamese food
  • Humana giant charity / vintage store
  • Found a Photoautomat
  • East side Gallery
  • Burgermeister burgers
  • Beer garden & BBQ by the river

Pic of me and Jess at Schonefield Airport:

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